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Helpful Tips

min-skas tips to get best search results

  • If you know the category of the product you are searching it is better you select it rather than just entering the product title or description in the search text. In this case we are able to display 10 pages of search results (vs 5 pages if no category is provided) and also display additional filter options for search results.
  • When searching for shoes include the shoe size in the search text. In this way you ensure that only shoe products will appear in your search results.
  • You can enter the Amazon URL of the product you are interested in our search box and we will search across all our affiliated Amazons for best price

Some basics

  • If in the search result the symbol “-“ in the place of price, then it means that the product is available in the selected Amazon but it might be out of stock.
  • When the product that you are searching is not offered from a specific Amazon then we will not display the specific Amazon in the results.
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