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Children & Baby

Babies' needs are straightforward and there are tons of products help you look after your baby. However in some cases deciding on what to buy is overpowering, especially if you are a first time mum.To get you started, here are some lists of baby essentials that I, as a mum of two baby girls, have already researched.

BPA-free Products

You should always check for products labelled as BPA-free when buying for your baby, as exposure to BPA could cause a concern

Nappy Changing Accessories

A changing bag full of the absolutely necessary should always be kept at the ready for your outings.

Baby Monitors

The perfect accessory to keep your peace of mind while your baby is asleep; There are many out there, and surely one will fulfil your needs and preference. Digital monitors, sensor mats and video displays, connected to your smartphone through an app.

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